THIS OR THAT THURSDAY | Do You Lend Out Your Books?

Hell no.

Guys, look.. If you’re considering lending your books to people, STOP AND REEVALUATE EVERYTHING.  I have lost some of my favorite books to close friends who never bothered giving them back.  I lost Hunger GamesPerks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter, Twilight (HEY IT MATTERED TO ME THEN), etc.  It’s the worst!

Then it’s this awkward limbo of,

Me: “Hey so you have my book from like 7 years ago”

Person: “Oh really?  I think it’s my book”

Me: “No… no.  It’s definitely mine.”

Person: “Oh right! I remember now, I guess it is”

Me: “…Yeah…. So…. I want it back….”

Person: “After all this time?”

Me: “Always

See what I did there? Yeah, never got the book back.  I do believe sharing is caring but when people keep your stuff? Ultimate regrets.