THIS OR THAT THURSDAY | Do You Lend Out Your Books?

Hell no.

Guys, look.. If you’re considering lending your books to people, STOP AND REEVALUATE EVERYTHING.  I have lost some of my favorite books to close friends who never bothered giving them back.  I lost Hunger GamesPerks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter, Twilight (HEY IT MATTERED TO ME THEN), etc.  It’s the worst!

Then it’s this awkward limbo of,

Me: “Hey so you have my book from like 7 years ago”

Person: “Oh really?  I think it’s my book”

Me: “No… no.  It’s definitely mine.”

Person: “Oh right! I remember now, I guess it is”

Me: “…Yeah…. So…. I want it back….”

Person: “After all this time?”

Me: “Always

See what I did there? Yeah, never got the book back.  I do believe sharing is caring but when people keep your stuff? Ultimate regrets.

8 thoughts on “THIS OR THAT THURSDAY | Do You Lend Out Your Books?

  1. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Oh my god you’ve given books out and not had them returned to you?! I can’t even imagine that. The first time I leant a book to my friend I practically forced her to promise me on the life of her unborn child that would damage it! 🙂
    Now I read mostly on my Kindle I just send my friends an ecopy of any book I want them to read, then I don’t need to worry about them returning it or damaging it! 😀


  2. fireheart books says:

    I lent out a book in the House of Night series like 7 years ago to two of my friends and after 3 months I decided they had both had enough time to read it and asked for it back. Neither of them knew which one had the book… And when they finally found it it was all dusty. So I haven’t lent my books since that and never will

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