TOP TEN TUESDAY | Ten Books I Enjoyed Set Outside of the US

Sup y’all.  I’m still reading HP but am TOO EXCITED because Cursed Child comes out next week and you best know I’ll be reviewing it ASAP.  My TBR list for August is so exciting and I cannot wait! 🙂


  1. Harry Potter by JK Rowling:  I promise guys, I won’t keep using HP but hello it’s probably the best fiction series of all time and it takes place in the UK…ish.
  2. Intertwine by Nichole Van: Perfect for all of you searching for some romantic historical fiction.  This takes place in the UK.
  3. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.  One of my all time favorite series!  This takes place in England and is SO GOOOOOD.  If you want a love triangle to end you this will do the job ;).
  4. The Rose & The Dagger (The Wrath & The Dawn) by Renee Abdieh:  This series definitely put me out of my comfort zone.  I had never read a book that took place in the Middle East.  Based off A Thousand and One Nights, this is a really great read!
  5. Saving Wishes by G. J. Walker-Smith: My favorite contemporary series!  It takes place in Tasmania primarily, but later on goes to different settings all around the world.  I really loved Charli and Adam.  I believe this book is free on iBooks!
  6. Soundless by Richelle Mead:  A quick and easy read that takes place in China.  I loved the setting (isolated village on a mountain), completely unique when compared to other books!
  7. Ruby Red by Kersten Gier: Taking place in Germany, this is an EXCELLENT fantasy read.  These were also adapted into movies, if you’re curious you can find the first one dubbed online.  #buydon’tsteal #notadvocatingstealing #justlettingyouknow
  8. Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren: Swoon, another historical romance.  This takes place in modern day Italy and medieval Italy (think around the Black Plague).  This is an awesome series that sounds really tacky in the synopsis.  Give it a chance if you’re curious.
  9. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.  Another lovely series taking place in Italy(?)… Europe? Something like that.  If you have not read this series you DEFINITELY need to.  Read the synopsis via the link provided, it’s fantastic.
  10. The Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor: This wasn’t my favorite storyline but I loved the setting – Prague!  It was so well done and interesting.

Hope you guys liked my list n_n.  Comment your link below I would love to see your versions! 🙂

TOP TEN TUESDAY | Ten Facts About Me

Happy Tuesday everybody! Since I didn’t melt today, I thought I’d participate in TTT.

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of research into paganism.  I was indoctrinated into Catholicism as a child (and I have never been spiritual in general) so this has been a very interesting read.
  2. I really enjoy vintage shopping for my Etsy shop!  I can usually find really cute things people will like and it’s awesome.
  3. I am a glam planner.  I really like using stickers all throughout my planner and I enjoy making my own stickers.  I was actually thinking of producing a sticker shop but the market is so flooded nowadays!
  4. This year has been #projectme. I’m trying to take care of myself and change things I don’t like or have always bugged me.  I’m trying to get out there.. even if it means doing stuff by myself.  This Thursday I’m going to am music festival by myself and I’m okay with it.  I started going to the gym, I’ve started Invisalign, I cut my hair off.  The time is now, and I think that I’m finally doing me.
  5. Growing up makes me nervous.  I have always been aware of my age and the significance of it, maybe even more so than others.  When I was 11, I knew I made an adult decision that would affect my entire life.  When I was 12, I recognized that 18 was old.  When I was 18, I recognized that I was at my “old” threshold.  When I turned 20, I got a little freaked.  I miss my younger years and wish I could have stayed there.
  6. I reported someone for suspicious actions yesterday and it was pretty upsetting.  I won’t go into detail, but it was pretty emotional trying to figure out what to do.
  7. I am a firm believer that evil never wins, and I think that has transcended into my particular dislike of anti-hero books.
  8. I was never bullied until college and it was something I couldn’t escape from until I transferred schools.  It resulted in me having social anxiety, something I still struggle with to this day.
  9. Half of my generation is getting married and having (some have had!!!!) kids.  The other half is playing Pokemon Go and living with parents, suffocating from debt.
  10. Although I question the existence of God, I firmly believe that ghosts and spirits and the devil exist.  There are just some things that are utterly unexplainable and some things that should never be dabbled with.

Okay, I really tried to be as random as possible.  I hope this fills all your nosy whims ;). If you have any more questions, let me know!  I’m more than open to talk to y’all about life and whatnot n_n

Top Ten Tuesday! | Ten Books I Really Love But Feel Like I Haven’t Talked About Enough

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  Each Tuesday there is a new theme, this week was “Ten Books I Really Love But Feel Like I Haven’t Talked About Enough”.  This is what I came up with,

Honestly, I loved these series so much!  The one I really wish I would talk about more is G. J. Walker-Smith’s Saving Wishes. Guys, I don’t even like contemporary that much and I LOVED these series.  Adam Decarie is my #1 favorite male love interest in any book, ever.

I have definitely talked about Laura Thalassa on my blog, but if you have yet to check her out DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Any who, that is all for today!  I’m kind of debating buying a blog theme as I honestly hate mine.  Do you guys have any rec’s on where to get one?

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Everyone Loves but I Can’t Get Into


Wuddup guys?  It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday, and this week seems like it’s an unpopular opinion type of post.

My favorite *evil laugh*


2339919210. René Hasard from Rook by Sharon Cameron

Probably one of the most annoying “love interests”.  His speech and actions made me cringe.  Everyone seems to have loved him and I just can’t.



 9. Harper Price from Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

The. Most. Annoying. MC. Ever. Oh my god. I HATED this MC with a passion.  A freaking Mary Sue if I’ve ever seen one.  The bickering and sass and overall attitude was way too much for me.


8. Adelina Amouteru from The Young Elites by Marie Lu

I made a post on this character a few days ago but by the Angel, Adelina was so evil I disliked her.  Everyone loves how dark she is and I just can’t jump on this train.


7. Ren from Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

Dude was just annoying.  He had temper tantrums like a 5 year old and that was somehow supposed to make us love him? Nah dude.  He needed to grow the fuck up.



6. Devlen Sandseed from Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder

Probably the most fucked up love interest in YA history.  Devlen was a blood addicted, black magic obsessed, rapist, abuser, torturer, kidnapper to the female MC, Opal.



5. Margo Roth Spiegelman from Paper Towns by John Green

Margo, oh Margo.  A train of crazy that nobody should ever want to go near.  I really dislike how John Green’s female MC’s are always these deep, soul-finding characters who speak in riddles and have the vocabulary of a PHD candidate. #stop #they’reinhighschool


4. Peter from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Lara Jean by herself was a childish character, but I just didn’t understand the appeal with Peter. It was a pure high school romance that in no way would have lasted.



3. Peeta Mallark from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The biggest fan train I could never board.  Peeta was the weirdest love interest / support character.  I couldn’t stand his personality and the fact that Katniss ends up with him.


2. Manon Blackbeak from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

My love for SJM runs deep.  It’s true, it’s likely everlasting, you all know this.  But what you may not have known is that I deplore Manon. I deplore her chapters, I deplore her POV, I deplore her character.  I usually skip her chapters because I can’t stand her.


1. Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

BA DUM DUM CH. My top character that I really don’t like.  I despised Simon in books 1 and 2.  He finally grew on me when him and Izzy became a thing, but while he was obsessed with Clary I just couldn’t.  Oh my god, his puppy dog love was the worst.  I hate that angsty “love” and “poor me” attitude.


There you have it everyone!  My list of characters I really didn’t like.  I feel like there’s a target on my back because of some of my choices. :P.  I look forward to reading all your guys’ lists!

Top Ten Tuesday! | Ten Books To Read If You Are In The Mood For…

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  Each Tuesday there is a new theme, this week was “Ten Books To Read If You Are In The Mood For X.”

So when I first saw the theme for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday my mind automatically went to the gutter and I thought “Wait… Really? Sexy books? Okay….”.  Later on I realized I’m supposed to sub in a theme (LOL MY B).

Any who, un-guttering myself and getting on with it. I’m going to do if you’re in the mood for “themes” not emotions.  Because I think a book can evoke more than one emotion and nobody wants some twisty reasoning.  :]

If you’re in the mood for.. Extraterrestrial/Outer Space


If you’re in the mood for.. Time Travel


If you’re in the mood for.. Anti-hero


Fun fact: I’m not huge on anti-hero books.  I know I’m in the minority here, but I always want the characters to end up good.

Anyways, I thought this was so fun! Can’t wait to see everyone elses TTT.  I love getting rec’s based on themes like this so I’ll definitely be looking at everyones posts!

Top Ten Tuesday: Songs You Want to Turn Into Books

Ahhh… is it “Into” or “into” when it’s in a title? #struggles

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  Each Tuesday there is a new theme, this week was “Songs you want to turn into books”

Let’s get started!


1. Hello by Adele

Okay, okay.  I know this a total cheese song, but wouldn’t it make an awesome book?  I feel as though it would have some really sad feel.  Maybe something akin to a really sad  Nicholas Sparks book but in epilogue format – so like 20 years later when everyone is still miserable.

2. Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

For all of you who love indie/acoustic music.  This song is just so perfect.  A book about adventure.

3. What the Water Gave Me by Florence and the Machine

THIS SONG IS PERFECTION.  Also “No Light, No Light” by her would be an awesome book too.  I think of this like a mermaid/merman themed book.

4. Demons by Imagine Dragons

My top song ever by Imagine Dragons.  This would be about someone reclaiming their rightful place on the throne.  So maybe something like Cleo from Falling Kingdoms, The Orphan Queen, etc.

5. Dirty Paws by Of Mountains and Men

This would be like a YA paranormal book with werewolves.  Probably something like Shiver by Stiefvater.

6. Secrets by OneRepublic

Obviously a person with secrets. #nospoilers

7. Just Give Me a Reason by Pink

My all time, ALL TIME, favorite song.  ANGST EVERYWHERE!!

8. Ignorance by Paramore

Imagine something exactly like The Young Elites / Rose Society by Marie Lu.  Or badass scenes like Aelin/Rowan/any-fight-scene-ever in TOG

9. Stop This Song by Paramore

10. Pillow Talk by Wild Child

Likely a story about a girl and boy who were falling in love but he/she ends up dying.  Probably a Gayle Foreman misery vibe.  Actually, completely like a Gayle Foreman book.

Okay, that’s it!  I feel like this TTT was just to get music suggestions.  Just Give Me a Reason and Pillow Talk resonate the most with me.  I would 100% pay for those books.  Le sigh.  They always touch my heart in a way that most songs don’t.

Top Ten Tuesday: Ultimate Couples Moments in YA Lit

What’s up guys? We are officially one day closer to Valentine’s DayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  Each Tuesday there is a new theme, this week was kind of a freebie for anything romance-y, so I will be talking about my top ten favorite/ultimate couples moments in YA books.  These are moments where I really said “Damn. This is real”.

Just as a note, some couples are getting a really long excerpt from the book.  I cut a lot of it down so you get the gist.  But context is so necessary sometimes as it can make certain quotes 100x more swoon-worthy.

NOTE: This can be seen as spoiler-y, so don’t read if you don’t want to know.  I have the book title beside the couples to help out. 🙂

10. Ash & Natalie (Black City by Elizabeth Richards)

This is a paranormal dystopia (yes) with civil rights issues throughout.  The romance in Black City is a little insta-lovey but this book stuck with me because they were different races (species? I don’t know).  Civil rights! Darklings! Need I say more?

“I’m sorry,” he finally says.

“If that’s all you’ve got to say, I’ll go.”

He’s by my side in a flash. It hurts having him so close to me; he’s so perfect, his scent so intoxicating. Bonfires, musk and rain. The scent of home. My eyes shimmer with fresh tears, and I angrily wipe them away.

He tilts my face up to look into his.

“I’m so sorry I hurt you, Natalie. I made a mistake, a really stupid, terrible mistake, and I don’t expect you to ever forgive me. I don’t deserve your forgiveness.”

“Then why did you bring me here?”

“I just wanted to tell you something.”

“What?” I whisper.

He runs a light finger over my lips, leaving a tingling trail across my skin.

“I love you,” he says. “I love the way you bite your bottom lip when you’re nervous. I love the annoying way you rattle mints against your teeth when you eat them. I love how brave you are.  Those are the reasons I love you, Natalie, not because you have a Darkling heart.”

9. Crispin & Cat (Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost)

Note of warning: Crispin (Bones) has the language of a sailor.  This book is very… explicit.. in some parts so be warned my children, be warned.

“You! You tricked me! I never want to see you or that bottle of liquid arsenic again!”

I chucked the empty moonshine jug at him. Or tried to. It missed him by a dozen feet.

He picked it up in astonishment. “You drank the whole bloody thing? You were only supposed to have a few sips!”

“Did you say that? Did you?” He reached me just as I felt the ground tip. “Didn’t say anything. I’ve got those names, so that’s all that matters, but you men…you’re all alike. Alive, dead, undead—all perverts! I had a drunken pervert in my pants! Do you know how unsanitary that is?”

Bones held me upright. I would have protested, but I couldn’t remember how to. “What are you saying?”

“Winston poltergeisted my panties, that’s what!” I announced with a loud hiccup.

“Why, you scurvy, lecherous spook!” Bones yelled in the direction of the cemetery. “If my pipes still worked, I’d go right back there and piss on your grave!”

8. Will & Tessa (The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare)

I really don’t have to explain this.  Here are some of my favorite quotes.

“I had such plans for this evening. The pursuit of blind drunkenness and wayward women was my goal. But alas, it was not to be. No sooner had I consumed my third drink in the Devil than I was accosted by a delightful small flower selling child who asked me for twopence for a daisy. The price seemed steep, so I refused. When I told the girl as much, she proceeded to rob me.”

“A little girl robbed you?” Tessa said.

“Actually, she wasn’t a little girl at all, as it turns out, but a midget in a dress with a penchant for violence, who goes by the name of Six-Fingered Nigel.”

She looked up at him with a smile. The smile broke what was left of his resistance – shattered it. He had let the walls down when he’d thought she was gone, and there was no time to build them back up. Helplessly he pulled her against him. For a moment she clung to him tightly, warm and alive in his arms. Her hair brushed his cheek. The color had come back into the world; he could breathe again, and for that moment he breathed her in – she smelled of salt, blood, tears, and Tessa.

7. Andre & Gabrielle (The Damned by Laura Thalassa)

There is something so freaking sweet about Andre.  This scene literally was the sweetest thing ever.  To preface, they’re both vampires.  Gabrielle was kidnapped and drained of her blood, fed, and drained again for hours.  Andre brought her back to life after finding her completely bled out and shattered.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Get it off me.”

He glanced down at his soulmate to see her clawing at the bloody robe she wore, horror plastered across her face. [ . . . ] On any other occasion, Gabrielle would be terrified to expose herself in such a place, especially when she didn’t have clothes to change into.  But he couldn’t bear to see her traumatized, and she couldn’t bear to wear the clothes her tormentors must’ve given her.

Gabrielle was already ripping the fabric, uncaring that she was exposing herself as she did so.  Andre shrugged off his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders.  He grabbed her bloodstained hands and clasped them in his own.  She yanked against his hold, but he wouldn’t let them go.

“Andre-” she sobbed out.

“Look at me,” he commanded. “Look at me.”

Reluctantly she did so.

“Let me do this, love.”

She frowned, her lower lip trembling- her entire body trembling.  And damn if the sight didn’t break something in him.  He would tear out her enemies’ hearts and dance upon their ashes for this.

[. . .]

Once he’d ripped the dress off, he removed his shirt and used it to wipe off the blood that stained her skin.  He couldn’t get it all off, but he did the best he could, even toweling off her hair.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

He paused, then grabbed her chin. “Never thank me for something like this.”

Before she could respond, he kissed her.  She latched onto him, falling into the kiss like it was the only thing tethering her to the earth.  He clutched her close, breaking off the kiss to whisper. “I will always come for you. I will always follow you, and I will always, always try to save you”.

6. King Montes & Serenity (The Queen of All That Dies by Laura Thalassa)

This book is essentially two enemies falling in love.  I really loved this slow building romance.

The day of the wedding I sleep in.  People have been knocking on my door for the last two hours, and up until now I’ve done a pretty good job of ignoring them.  But the pounding on my door right now is louder and more insistent than the others.

When I don’t answer, the pounding stops.  I smile into my pillow until I hear the click of my lock being thrown back.  The door opens and footsteps cross the room.

My bed dips as someone sits down on it, and then I feel the feathery touch of fingertips on the bare skin of my shoulder. “You need to get up now.”

My eyes snap open at that voice. “I thought you were ignoring me?” I say to King Montes.

“When it comes to you, that’s impossible.”

I bury my face in my pillow. “I want to sleep in.”

“We’re getting married in two hours”

“Don’t care,” I say, my voice muffled.

“Fine. We’ll sip the wedding part and go straight to the honeymoon.” He pulls back the covers and begins to slide in next to me.  I yelp and jump out of bed.

“Just so you know, you’re not frightening at all in the morning,” he says, smirking.  “You look like a pissed off kitten.”

“Say that again, and I’ll castrate you with a butter knife.”

His lips quirk. “Ah, lucky me to have such a blushing bride.”

It should never have been this way. My comrades turning on me, my enemies saving me. But worst of all, I should never have felt anything other than hatred for this man, the king, Definitely not this, this warmth that thaws my soul.

I stare into the king’s eyes. I am Isolde, I am Juliet, I am Guinevere.
I am every one of those idiots because I’ve fallen for the king.

5. Feyre & Tamlin (A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

This book is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast and was done so damn well.  Instead of being saved, Feyre goes through hell and back to try and save Tamlin.  This is just one of my favorite moments in the book.  PS: Lucien!

“Would you like me to grovel with gratitude for bringing me here, High Lord?”

“Ah. The Suriel told you nothing important, did it?”

That smile of his sparked something bold in my chest. “He also said that you liked being brushed, and if I’m a clever girl, I might train you with treats.”

Tamlin tipped his head to the sky and roared with laughter. Despite myself, I let out a quiet laugh.

“I might die of surprise,” Lucien said behind me. “You made a joke, Feyre.”

4. Ivy & Bishop (The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel)

This is another building romance.  It’s kind of similar to The Queen of All That Dies, so if you’re looking for enemies falling in love.  This is a tamer version of that one.  Ivy sacrifices so much by the end I just can’t.  The love is so damn perfect.

It’s raining in earnest when I leave my father’s house, but I refuse the umbrella Callie holds out to me, along with her offer to walk me home.  [. . .] I have no idea what time it is, but the sun has set and there is no one out on the rain-slick streets.  My sneakers are soaked by the time I turn up the walk to our house, water running in rivulets from my hair and down my back.

I don’t see Bishop until I’m almost to the porch. He is sitting on the front steps in the dark, the roof overhang protecting him from the rain. His face is solemn. I stop mid-step and watch as he stands, a towel clutched in his hands. One second I’m standing still and the next I’m running toward him and I don’t know when my legs decided to move. I fly up the three shallow steps and wrap my arms around his neck. He is strong and warm and after only a second’s hesitation, he clutches me against him. I am sobbing; all the tears I’ve wanted to cry for what feels like years are flooding out of me, mixing with rainwater on his neck.

He holds me and lets me cry. He doesn’t try to talk me out of my sorrow, like my father did, or tell me to snap out of it, as Callie tried to, always impatient in the face of emotion. Bishop simply stands with his arms firm across my back, his breaths steady against my temple.

3. Adam & Charli (Saving Wishes by G. J. Walker-Smith)

Alas, a contemporary YA series that I completely fell in love with.  Adam, a French-American escapes to Tasmania.  Charli, born and raised in Tasmania, just wants to escape the small town life.  Their story is one of my all time favorites.

“Why won’t you look at me?” he whispered, pinching my chin between his finger and thumb, forcing me to meet his gaze.

“Because it’s all a bit silly, isn’t it?” I mumbled.

“I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.  You’d never have another moment of self-doubt as long as you live.”

“Everybody should believe in conte de fée,” I whispered.

Adam stared at me as if I’d just insulted him.  Finally, he raised his eyebrows and smile. “Charlotte, how can you maintain that you don’t speak French when you throw words like conte de fée into casual conversation?”

“Fairy tales,” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“I know what it means.  I’m just surprised that you do.”

“I know all the important French words.”

“And what are they?” he quizzed.

I ticked them off on my fingers. “Bonjour, conte de fée and croissant.”

His laugh echoed through the tent and I couldn’t help laughing with him.

3. Aelin & Rowan (Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas)

Guys, going over my quotes I am DYING LAUGHING.  Holy shit there’s too many, so here’s one for now.  I might add some more later because QOS had some brilliant Raelin moments.

“What in hell is that?”

She kept going toward the bathroom, refusing to apologize or look down at the pink, delicate, very short lace nightgown. When she emerged, face washed and clean.

Rowan was sitting up, arms crossed over his bare chest. “You forgot the bottom part.”

She merely blew out the candles in the room one by one. His eyes tracked her the entire time.

“There is no bottom part,” she said, flinging back the covers on her side. “It’s starting to get so hot, and I hate sweating when I sleep. Plus, you’re practically a furnace. So it’s either this or I sleep naked. You can sleep in the bathtub if you have a problem with it.”

2. Yelena & Valek (Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder)

GUYS!!! If you have not read this series you NEED to read it!  Yelena and Valek are the ultimate OTP

“He hasn’t been corrupted by power or greed.  He’s consistent and loyal to his people. And there’s been no one in this world that I care for more. Until now.”

I held my breath.  It had been a simple, innocent question.  I hadn’t expected such an intimate response.

“Yelena, you’ve driven me crazy.  You’ve caused me considerable trouble and I’ve contemplated ending your life twice since I’ve known you.” Valley’s warm breath in my ear sent a shiver down my spine

“But you’ve slipped under my skin, invaded my blood and seized my heart.”

“That sounds more like a poison than a person,” was all I could say.  His confession had both shocked and thrilled me.

“Exactly,” Valek replied. “You have poisoned me.” He rolled me over to face him. Before I could make another sound, he kissed me.

1. Celaena & Sam (The Assassin’s Blade -> Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas)

This is my heart breaking guys.  This romance to me was the top of everything.  I think it hits home so much more because Sam is dead.

“Sam smiled, his brown eyes turning golden in the dawn. It was such a Sam look, the twinkle of mischief, the hint of exasperation, the kindness that would always, always make him a better person than she was.

Before she knew what she was doing, Celaena threw her arms around him and held him close. Sam stiffened, but after a heartbeat, his arms came around her. She breathed him in—the smell of his sweat, the tang of the dust and rock, the metallic odor of his blood… Sam rested his cheek on her head. She couldn’t remember —honestly couldn’t recall—the last time anyone had held her. But embracing Sam was different, somehow. Like she wanted to curl into his warmth, like for one moment, she didn’t have to worry about anything or anybody.

“Sam,” she murmured into his chest.


She peeled away from him, stepping out of his arms. “If you ever tell anyone about me embracing you… I’ll gut you.”


“I love you,” he repeated, shaking her again. “I have for years. But if I asked you to pick, you’d choose Arobynn, and I. Can’t. Take. It.”

“You’re a damned idiot,” she breathed grabbing the front of his tunic.  “You’re a moron and an ass and a damned idiot.”

He looked like she had hit him.

But she went on, and grasped both sides of his face. “Because I’d pick you.”

“I miss you,” she said.

“Every day, I miss you. And I wonder what you would have made of all this. Made of me. I think – I think you would have been a wonderful king. I think they would have liked you more than me, actually.” Her throat tightened.

“I never told you – how I felt. But I loved you, and I think a part of me might always love you. Maybe you were my mate, and I never knew it. Maybe I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering about that. Maybe I’ll see you again in the Afterworld, and then I’ll know for sure. But until then … until then I’ll miss you, and I’ll wish you were here.”

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Strong Female MC’s I Admire

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie!  So after skimming through everyones fun and insightful posts today I thought I’d talk about 10 female MC’s I really admired.  I like strong MC’s that really stand up for themselves and follow their heart.  I’m not too big on the wispy “woe-is-me” characters, so hopefully you’ll see the same strength that I do in these characters!

Instead of repeating over and over why I love these characters, I’ll just make a quick blurb.  Each of these characters are strong, intelligent (most of the time), and they fight for something they believe in.  They take charge, they make mistakes, and they’re easily relatable.  They’re powerful and weak, and yet they all grow at their own paces.  If somebody was to ask me about a female MC in the YA genre, I would suggest one of these lovely fictional ladies because they damn well deserve it.

1. Celaena / Aelin from Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas


2. Yelena from Poison Study by Maria V Snyder


3. Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses


4. Hermione (0 surprise)


5. Sydney from Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen**


**So I just want to point out that this is a contemporary novel, everything else I’m including is fantasy.  To be honest with you guys, Sydney and I are SO alike, almost 95% similar in terms of life and the shit we’ve had to deal with.  I’m including her because I know her feelings and the need for strength.  I didn’t love the book (I only gave it 3/5 stars) but I loved the portrayal of Sydney.  This novel put into words what I constantly fail to do.

6. June from Legend by Marie Lu


7. Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead


8. Cat from Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost


9. Serenity from The Queen of All That Dies by Laura Thalassa


10. Tessa from Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare



So there you have it!  There wasn’t a rank I put them in, I think all these female MC’s have their strengths and weaknesses.  I just love strong characters and I really think they all fit the bill.  Who would you add to this list?  Let me know in the comments!  I feel like I’m missing some huge ones :o.

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Recently Added to My TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  Each Tuesday there is a new theme, this weeks is “Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added To My TBR”

  1. The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen


The synopsis just sounds like something I would love.  All the books I’ve read involving monarchy of some sort have yet to disappoint me.  I think this is definitely a new trope in YA that is going to keep coming up. Here’s just a snippet of the blurb:

An untested young princess must claim her throne, learn to become a queen, and combat a malevolent sorceress in an epic battle between light and darkness in this spectacular debut—the first novel in a trilogy.

Here’s the Goodreads link.

9. The Shadow Queen by C. J. Redwine


See what I mean? Another monarchy-esque storyline.  The cover alone makes me think of snow white, and I’m pretty sure this is a retelling.  So we’ll see how it goes. Here’s a quick blurb:

Lorelai Diederich, crown princess and fugitive at large, has one mission: kill the wicked queen who took both the Ravenspire throne and the life of her father. To do that, Lorelai needs to use the one weapon she and Queen Irina have in common—magic. She’ll have to be stronger, faster, and more powerful than Irina, the most dangerous sorceress Ravenspire has ever seen.

Here’s the Goodreads

8. Firstlife by Gena Showalter


I actually saw this in a Goodreads post yesterday, the cover is so pretty right?  What I found really interesting about this book was that it involves the afterlife.  I haven’t really seen many YA with this so hopefully it’s good!

Tenley “Ten” Lockwood is an average seventeen-year-old girl…who has spent the past thirteen months locked inside the Prynne Asylum. The reason? Not her obsession with numbers, but her refusal to let her parents choose where she’ll live—after she dies.

Here’s the Goodreads

7. The Radiant Road by Katharine Catmull


EEEE! A BOOK SET IN IRELAND. Guys. This is literally the only reason why I’m reading this book.  Also it has a beautiful cover.  I’m sorry my reasons aren’t more eloquent or thoughtful, it is what it is.

After years of living in America, Clare Macleod and her father are returning to Ireland, where they’ll inhabit the house Clare was born in—a house built into a green hillside with a tree for a wall. For Clare, the house is not only full of memories of her mother, but also of a mysterious boy with raven-dark hair and dreamlike nights filled with stars and magic. Clare soon discovers that the boy is as real as the fairy-making magic, and that they’re both in great danger from an ancient foe.


6. Chase the Dark by Annette Marie


Goodreads has been recommending this book to me for what seems like a year now.  The only reason I ignored it was because I didn’t like the cover (yes, I know..).  However, I heard someone saying it was a really good book so I’m officially taking the plunge!  It kind of reminds me of Jennifer Armentrout’s book, you know like Apollyon and all that? Yeah.

Piper Griffiths wants one thing in life: To become a Consul, a keeper of the peace between humans and daemons. There are precisely three obstacles in her way.

The first is Lyre. Incubus. Hotter than hell and with a wicked streak to match. His greatest mission in life is to get Piper into bed and otherwise annoy the crap out of her. The second is Ash. Draconian. Powerful. Dangerous. He knows too much and reveals nothing. Also, disturbingly attractive — and scary. Did she mention scary?

The third is the Sahar Stone. Top secret magical weapon of mass destruction. Previously hidden in her Consulate until thieves broke in, went on a murder spree, and disappeared with the weapon.

And they left Piper to take the fall for their crimes.


5. Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost


It’s based off the same world as her Night Huntress series and I kind of want to read it.  I saw this series recommended on Goodreads and I really liked it! Also say hello to that 8 pack.  NOTE: If you aren’t into really (I mean REALLY) sexual themes, probably don’t read this series.  I didn’t know that when I started to read this series and when it happened my jaw dropped for a good 10 minutes.

After a tragic accident scarred her body and destroyed her dreams, Leila never imagined that the worst was still to come: terrifying powers that let her channel electricity and learn a person’s darkest secrets through a single touch. Leila is doomed to a life of solitude…until creatures of the night kidnap her, forcing her to reach out with a telepathic distress call to the world’s most infamous vampire.


4. First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost


Ah another book from the Night Huntress series.  I just wanted to know the back story of this new couple.  NOTE: If you aren’t into really (I mean REALLY) sexual themes, probably don’t read this series.  I didn’t know that when I started to read this series and when it happened my jaw dropped for a good 10 minutes.

Denise MacGregor knows all too well what lurks in the shadows – her best friend is half-vampire Cat Crawfield – and she has already lost more than the average human could bear. But her family’s dark past is wrapped in secrets and shrouded in darkness – and a demon shapeshifter has marked Denise as prey. Now her survival depends on an immortal who craves a taste of her.


3. Sword and Verse by Kathy MacMillan


Yaaaaas this sounds so good!  It features an MC who is sold as a slave and has that secret that nobody can know.  It sounds so interesting!

Raisa was just a child when she was sold to work as a slave in the kingdom of Qilara. Despite her young age, her father was teaching her to read and write, grooming her to take his place as a Learned One. In Qilara, the Arnathim, like Raisa, are the lowest class, and literacy is a capital offense. What’s more, only the king, prince, tutor, and tutor-in-training are allowed to learn the very highest order language, the language of the gods. So when the tutor-in-training is executed for teaching slaves this sacred language, and Raisa is selected to replace her, Raisa knows any slipup on her part could mean death.


2. The Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

21414439.jpgHonestly, thank SJM for this recommendation because if Dennard wasn’t her soul twin I probably wouldn’t have read this book.  (Quite honestly I don’t think a lot of people would have).  I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I’m doing it for Sarah.

On a continent ruled by three empires, some are born with a “witchery”, a magical skill that sets them apart from others.

In the Witchlands, there are almost as many types of magic as there are ways to get in trouble—as two desperate young women know all too well.

Safiya is a Truthwitch, able to discern truth from lie. It’s a powerful magic that many would kill to have on their side, especially amongst the nobility to which Safi was born. So Safi must keep her gift hidden, lest she be used as a pawn in the struggle between empires.

Iseult, a Threadwitch, can see the invisible ties that bind and entangle the lives around her—but she cannot see the bonds that touch her own heart. Her unlikely friendship with Safi has taken her from life as an outcast into one of reckless adventure, where she is a cool, wary balance to Safi’s hotheaded impulsiveness.


  1. The Unearthly by Laura Thalassa


My love for Laura Thalassa bloomed in nanoseconds upon reading her series The Queen of All That Dies.  So it’s not too far of a stretch that I now want to read all of her books.  This is newest on my list of what to read.  The makeup of the models on her covers are always on point too.  Honestly, the synopsis is pretty generic sounding but I’m reading it anyways.

The first time I was declared dead, I lost my past. The second time, I lost my humanity. Now I’m being hunted, and if I die again, my soul is up for forfeit.

After enrolling in Peel Academy, an elite supernatural boarding school on the British Isles, the last of the sirens, Gabrielle Fiori, only wants to fit in. Instead, the elixir meant to awaken her supernatural abilities kills her.



Whew! That’s all.  I hope you guys enjoyed peeking into my Top Ten TBR.  What’s on your TBR?  Are you going to look at any of the books I talked about?