Book Haul #3 (+ where I’ve been) | Choose What I should Review!

Happy Monday!  My mum has flown up from South America to visit this month so I’ve been trying to figure out life while entertaining her.  It’s been hard to juggle work/reading/hanging out with her but I am forcing myself to post this.  I also made a website for our online business and it took me 5EVER to get it semi-set up.  I missed you guys so much, forgive me! D:.

Today I am doing a book haul because HOLY CRAP.  I went in my library today and pretty much every book I have wanted to read was there and I went into complete fangirl mode.

A Little on The Books


I saw an interview with Ruta Sepetys and she’s such a well versed and eloquent woman.  Her personality just made me want to read her works, and it’s also rated 4.3+ on Goodreads.

I actually reread Cinder by Marissa Meyer because I had completely forgotten what happened by the time I started Scarlet .   I gave Cinder a 3.75/5, but I definitely want to know what happens next.  I was never big on Cinderella so the premise didn’t leave me that excited.  Do you want me to review Cinder?  If so, let me know below.

Truthwitch has been on my hit list since I heard of it, and to be honest Dennard is only getting the light of day because SJM is my favorite author.  I’ve GLIMPSED whispers of it being a hit or miss but refused to look further.  I’m not overhyped, and I’m definitely going into this book with neutral expectations. #perfectstrategy

I actually heard of Firstlife here on WordPress and the synopsis sounds SOOOOO GOOOD. I’m super excited to read this.

Two days ago I started reading Red Rising by Pierce Brown.  The cover says something about it being perfect for lovers of Katniss (aka my bff), so I’m intrigued as to how I will like it.  This series has received endless raves.

Lastly, my quick thoughts on Glass Sword...  I wasn’t really that impressed by Red Queen.  I DNF’d it the first time I read it, and when I did read it I forced myself to give it a 4/5.  I guess I was feeling super generous that day.  Anyways, I said I’d continue with the series so I will!  We’ll see how it goes. :).

ON A FINAL NOTE: THE COURT OF MIST AND FURY IS OUT SOON AND I AM SO EXCITED!!! If you preorder the book you can get a FREE TOTE BAG.  SJM released a newsletter about it, so you should go to her website for more info if you want to get one.

Anyways, that’s all!  I tried getting my hands on The Night Circus but the heathen who has it checked out has yet to return it. Maybe next time ;).


15 thoughts on “Book Haul #3 (+ where I’ve been) | Choose What I should Review!

  1. Jorelene @ Page Chronicles says:

    I need to read Red Rising soon too! I’ve been hearing great things about it everywhere. I’m looking forward to your review on it!

    Haha, and I love your comment at the end – I completely agree. Please, New Yorkers, vote tomorrow!! There’s around 250 delegates for the Democratic party. That could make a yuuuge difference! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    I’ve only read and enjoyed Cinder and Red Rising so I would definitely recommend those. But I have Truthwitch and Firstlife on my to-read list so I’d be interested in seeing what you think of both of them before I pick either up!
    Welcome back as well 😀


  3. lunireads says:

    I have read Red rising and Truthwitch and really enjoyed both of them. Firstlife and Salt to the Sea are on my TBR and I am dying to get my hands on them! I also had trouble with Red Queen and am unsure if I should even bother with Glass sword. Let me know if it’s worth a read when you finish it. 🙂


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