Top 5 Wednesday! | Five Popular Books I DNF’d

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Lainey @ Gingerreadslainey on the Youtubes. This weeks theme is “Books I didn’t finish”.  I thought I’d amp it up a little and choose 6 books that fell totally flat for me and are – surprise – super popular.

  1. Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson – this book bored me so much.  I didn’t get the book, nothing drew me in.  I only read about 40 pages and gave up.  I KNOW IT’S TERRIBLE.  Maybe I’ll pick it up again one day.
  2. The Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare – I really, really dislike Holly Black’s writing.  It just grates me.  I have DNF’d every book she has ever written.
  3. Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins – Okay, I confess, I really wanted to like this book.  Unfortunately, a Mary Sue MC and unbelievable romances / attitudes just blew it over my head.  Maybe I’m just too old for books like these?
  4. The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman – AKA the journal of a whine-y teenage girl who has to talk about every god damn thing in the whole universe.  DNF and I had NO REGRETS.  NOTHING HAPPENS.
  5. The Maze Runner by James Dashner – There was 0 appeal with this book.  I tried it, it fell flat, I gladly DNF’d.  I definitely feel like this is a hit or miss in the bookish community.
  6. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff – Ahhhh…. So this one I kind of feel bad about.  I definitely feel like to fully enjoy and love this book you need the physical copy.  I just couldn’t stand reading it on my iPad and honestly it’s so freaking long.  I don’t got time for that.

12 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday! | Five Popular Books I DNF’d

  1. AdoptaBookAUS says:

    I wish I DNF Rebel Belle and Iron Trial. I just kept holding onto the hope it will get better but no luck there!
    I really wanted to love Rebel Belle as well but the MC was just too head cheerleader for my tastes.


  2. peculiarb says:

    You have no idea how many times I just wanted to put The Dark Days Club down and never pick it back up because literally nothing happened and all she did was describe her clothes/etiquette. You didn’t miss much by not finishing it, don’t worry.


      • peculiarb says:

        I loved Goodman’s first series so I read the book because of that but I don’t like this one nearly as much. The book itself wasn’t the bad, I thought, but it felt too much like an Austen book for my taste (can’t stand her books, i barely made it through half of Pride and Prejudice before dropping it). I’m still on the fence about the sequel but I’m willing to give it a try.

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  3. Combustible reviews says:

    I, (unfortunately), finished The Maze runner trilogy, (not counting the prequel), and I have to say you made the right decision. I can’t remember reading a more disappointing and aggravating ending to a series.


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