Barnes & Noble Rant on Lady Midnight Release

imageSo I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up Lady Midnight.  Multiple copies are left, but they’re all DAMAGED!  All the dust jackets have some rips or dents, and they’re being sold full price at $24.99.


i saw this book going for $14.99 PLUS Free 2 Day Shipping on Amazon and it would arrive NEW.

How is this acceptable? Shit like this makes me so angry.  If I’m expected to spend $25 on a book it better be flawless.

Damn you Barnes and Noble for your shitty quality books.  Especially on release day.

#angry #notbuying


Editors note: I was very angry. LOL. Sorry guys.

8 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble Rant on Lady Midnight Release

  1. Read Diverse Books says:

    Oh, no! I’m sorry you had such a negative experience.
    I’m a big fan of B&N. They have saved me so much money over the months because I love to buy new books and their membership program is wonderful. I’ve *mostly* had positive experiences there.

    So are you getting Lady Midnight from Amazon instead?


    • cat says:

      Yep I just ordered from Amazon. I actually just added a photo of one of the books to my post. Isn’t it shitty? Honestly stuff like this makes me so angry. Amazon has it for $14.99+ free shipping. You best bet I’m going to them.

      I love going to B&N for new releases but not like this. No way.


  2. oliviamckintosh says:

    So I’m not the only one who has had a bad experience with new releases at B&N! I’ve gone multiple times and their books are dented, or on hardcovers the dust jacket is torn, and they don’t have any that seem to be in good shape! I love B&N for the atmosphere and looking at books, but I’m starting to order from Amazon because I’ve never gotten a bad book from them!


  3. Carrie says:

    Seriously?? How can they justify selling them at full price? I would think that if they received them damaged they could get some kind of discount and pass it on to the customers. Of course people want the book right away but part of buying a full priced hard copy is the beauty of the book itself on your shelf. 😦


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