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Another day, another tag!  I saw this floating around this past week and finally decided to swipe it!

Let’s get starteddddd!


1) Totally should’ve gotten a sequel


Oh my god guys, have you read this?  The Scorpio Races is a book I read years ago, but it was so damn good.  I really enjoyed it and was so sad when I realized it was a standalone.

2) Totally should’ve had a spin off series


Totally. Totally. By now, my early subscribers know I am obsessed with SJM’s works.  But I would preen and frolic and jump with excitement if I saw a spin off of this series.  The world is so well developed and intriguing it would have been awesome to have another spin off.

No, the witches don’t count. *hiss*

3) Totally should’ve ended differently


Okay I said it. I said it. I can’t take it back.  I LOVED (caps necessary) this book, okay? Loved it.  But I think it could’ve had a different ending.  Why you gotta play on my emotions John Green? Ugh.

4) Totally should’ve had a film franchise



There is no explanation necessary.  But honestly guys, WTF is Hollywood doing?  This would be AMAZING.

5) Totally should’ve had a TV show


This would be a totally amazing series and I don’t know anyone who would disagree.  There’s so much content and awesomeness going on I really think it would be a sick tv show.

6) Totally should’ve had only one point of view



I really, honestly, think that there were way too many POV’s in The 5th Wave.  When I first read this question I automatically thought of this book.  Why?  Because the POV’s were just over done, confusing, and really obscure until you read several pages into the chapter.

Let me revise, not one POV, but maybe 2.  I think 2 would have been solid.

7) Totally should have a cover change


Look, JLA is the shit when it comes to writing easy and intriguing reads.  But some of her covers honestly make me question everything.  I think these covers (especially for the Lux series) make the books look kind of cheap.

8) I totally should’ve stopped reading


The regret is so incredibly real.

9) Totally should’ve kept the original covers


So I realize this is a US cover (released first) versus UK cover but honestly they should have attempted something similar (or perhaps the same…).  I think the UK cover is kind of tacky…

10) Totally should have not pre-judged


Guys I seriously wish I smacked past me.  These books are one of my top reads.  I seriously loved them.  So easy to read, beautiful writing and covers, so detailed.  I loved it!!

Whew, okay, done!  I hope you guys enjoyed my version of “Totally Should’ve”.  I’m tagging a few people below but if you want to do it I TAG YOU NOW. :]

I Tag…

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2 thoughts on “Tag | Totally Should’ve Book Tag

  1. Kirstie Ellen says:

    I really need to get on and read The Scorpio Races!! I can’t believe I haven’t yet. And that’s such a good idea with spin offs for ToG – SO much potential!! She could expand on one of the novellas or something *dies of excitement*. And I CAN’T EVEN at the idea of Poison Study becoming a TV series *deep breathing*. Great responses!


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