Top Five Wednesday! | Worst Love Interests

Yes, I’m making a post.  I took a mental day yesterday and just tried to understand the new truths in my life.  It fucking blows, my heart hurts, I didn’t eat for probably 30 hours.  I just needed a day, I’m sorry I didn’t keep up with anyones posts.  Thank you for the love and kind messages.  I really just.. don’t know.  I feel like an idiot, and I feel betrayed. So freaking betrayed..

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Lainey @ Gingerreadslainey on the Youtubes. This weeks theme is “Worst Love Interests”.


1. Devlen from the Glass series by Maria V. Snyder


Addicted to blood magic. Murderer. Torturer. Kidnapper. Manipulator.

2. Violet from Haven by Kristi Cook


Just… no.

3. Harper Price from Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins


Seriously I hated this book, and the heroine AND love interest just grated my gears so much. Ugh.

4. Bethany from Halo by Alexandra Adornetto


Seriously cringe worthy. Oh my god it was cringeworthy.

5. Shade from Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge


THE. WORST. He’s a freaking SHADOW.


Okay guys this is it.  Honestly 3/5 of these are MC’s, so the fact they’re such terrible love interests makes it worse.  Their significant others were more digestible than they were. Any who, I need to go eat.  Have a good day everybody.

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