Valentine’s Week Day 3: Stunning Book Covers

Let’s face it, thinking of topics for blog posts can be incredibly hard.  So far for my Valentine’s Week theme I’ve done a shopping guide and my ultimate couples moments.  Today I wanted to make a post showing some freaking beautiful covers that the world needs more of.  Some of these books I did not like, some of these I did.  It’s a complete toss up.  But let’s face it – you judge a book by its cover.  No, no, don’t lie.  I see through them – I AM LOOKING INTO YOUR SOUL.

I personally believe that the cover should speak volumes (ha) about the book.  When you go to a business meeting, an interview, a presentation, you dress your best.  A book is an authors legacy, and I firmly believe it deserves that same courtesy.  And yes, we’ve all been duped by that super pretty book that wasn’t so great inside.  But it worked.  The cover drew you in and made you put faith in the book gods that it was going to be a thrilling ride.

So let’s get started because these are lovely.

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