Summing up Sunday! Feb 1-7

Whew guys, sorry I’ve been so MIA this week.  I decided to dump the books that I was “currently reading” and actually read something I wanted to enjoy.

Thus, I read 5 books!

Andddd they were all by Laura Thalassa (hahaha… I HAVE NO SHAME!).  I read the whole The Unearthly series by her and it was exactly what I needed.  I actually just made a general swoop of a review (you can check it out here).  At first it’s a fun light read and then The Damned happens and you literally go on an emotional ROLLERCOASTER OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION.

Ah!!! It was so good guys.  If you’re in a slump I really recommend this series.

TV series and other little thangs

So this week I did a whole season 2 marathon of Chasing Life.  It was so dark but addictively good.  I really loved the cast of that series, it’s such a shame it was cancelled without a proper ending! Grrr.  If you want to watch it it’s all available on Netflix.

I also caught up on Shadowhunters and Jane the Virgin.  JTV is so hilarious guys, I love the telenovela themes.

Also, have you seen Schitt’s Creek?  I believe it airs on CBC.  The cast and writing are HILARIOUS! Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy make me laugh so much.  It’s currently on Amazon Prime, but I think you can find it elsewhere online.

I’ll leave you with that glorious one liner video.  Hope you guys had a successful and perfect week!  I’m hoping to do a Valentine’s theme thing this upcoming week because I am a hard romantic and I love V-day. n_n.


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