Book boyfriends are like a fine wine #tag #newtag #ihadto

Inspired most deeply by a tag a fellow book blogger, Orangutan Librarian, did.  I decided instead of comparing books to wine I would compare book boyfriends to wine.  Because honestly a) why not, b) it makes me laugh just trying to figure it out, and c) I am not drinking wine while doing this (but I wish I was… oh the woes of taking medicine).

Coincidentally, this is also inspired by my wine tasting class I took at my alma mater, Cornell University #pride #drankydrank.

NOTE: I do not condone drinking underage, so if you decide to do this with your own characters (and are underage), just take my word on what the wine characteristics are.


Pinot Noir – fresh, difficult to grow, fruity (like cherry and plum), notes of worn leather and damp earth.


VALEK.  Pinot noir is a wine that takes A LOT to make.  It’s a stubborn ass grape that is the most in demand but very difficult to work with.  I think of Valek because he is that lonesome wolf that does best by himself and has a rare oomph to him.  You know what I mean if you’ve read the Study series. 😉

Cabernet Sauvignon – herbal, oak, some spice, full body, acidic as f.


Fun fact, I actually hate Cab Sauv.  So I am automatically assigning Devlan (Devlin? WHATEVER) from Spy Glass.  Because he’s somebody’s book boyfriend and he sucks.

Sangiovese – fennel, tobacco, and cherry tones.


Will from the Infernal Devices series. Yup. Totally Will.

Malbec – tart and spicy


Guys, lets be honest.  This makes me think of Rowan from the Throne of Glass series.  He is alllll spice and his sass level is 9000. Although I think I would more compare him to a whiskey, neat.  Malbec tastes better with age ;).

Sauvignon Blanc – herbally-spice (think bell pepper), smokey, acidic finish


Totally Jace from City of Bones, he’s not a Malbec but he has that attitude, you know?  To me he’s automatically a Sauv Blanc.

Syrah – berries, black pepper, hearty, excellent longevity


Syrah just makes me think of Ren from Tiger’s Curse by Houck.  He is sweet but he also has a temper. HE’S ALSO OLD AS HELL.

Riesling – light, fruit, sweet (deliiiiicious)


Tamlin, from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Maas, but this also reminds me of Bishop from The Book of Ivy by Engel.  They’re just so sweet but they also have character.

ANYWAYS.  I need to stop thinking about wine.  If you’ve dabbled in wine a bit, let me now what you think of my choices.  Is there any other characters you can think of that would make this list?  I’m sure I’ll be face-palming later when I think of more.


3 thoughts on “Book boyfriends are like a fine wine #tag #newtag #ihadto

  1. Annette says:

    You comments RE Tiger’s Curse made me laugh!
    I’m hoping to read Throne of Glass this year – Rowan sounds amazing. I picked up the trilogy the other day, to celebrate passing 2 exams!


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